Tuesday, March 17 2:00 - 3:00 pm

This live course is designed for Rural Health Clinic (RHC) providers, quality managers, ACO leadership, and revenue cycle staff at rural health facilities who need a high-level basic explanation of how to report accurate quality metrics and who deal with HEDIS, HCC, QIP, Risk Adjustment, and Share Savings.
RHC Overview: We will begin with a RHC documentation>coding>billing overview including:

  • How coding and billing is different in a RHC.
  • Review of the key elements of the CMS Benefits and Claims Manual sections (chapters 9 & 13)
  • Which services are included in the All-Inclusive Rate and which services get paid via fee-for-service or via a flat fee when billing Medicare?
  • Preventive Medicine for the IPPE, AWV, and almost a dozen other “sometimes covered” G-codes performed by a RHC.