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Documentation, Coding & Billing Bootcamp

The Association for Rural & Community Health Professional Coding offers the nation's only training and optional certification that tailors the content to the services performed in America's Rural and Community Health Clinics. 

We offer live 2 day bootcamps or online self-study options.


  • Recently, RHCs had to start listing all CPT and HCPCS-II codes performed on claims to Medicare for the first time in decades.  Many RHCs are still learning to balance its AIR (“per diem”) Medicare system of getting paid with the huge billing variations when billing commercial carriers or Medicaid.
  • With the recent requirement by CMS to require FQHCs to list all CPT and HCPCS-II codes – it has never been more important to make sure you are documenting and coding for 100% of what is done.  Commercial payers probably don’t pay under the Medicare PPS system, so you have to bill them differently. If you aren’t documenting and coding correctly you may not be capturing everything that is done and some revenue may be left on the table! Your cost report is very tied to your professional coding practices – don’t undervalue and underreport what you do.
  • With IT finding its way into more areas of medical facilities the difference between clinical documentation, professional coding, and medical billing have never been more important.
  • Are you too dependent on IT instead of relying on well-trained and qualified staff?  We will focus on the guidelines that appear before and after key coding sections that rarely are accessible to providers and coders/billers in their EHRs and encoder software.
  • We will limit the review of codes that will rarely or never be performed in your facility setting – and will focus on primary care visits, behavioral health, and preventive services.
  • We will be careful to get hands-on with over a dozen vital resources (including the CMS Benefits and Claims manuals) that outline the unique approach rural and community health needs to be aware of to stay compliant!


This class is specifically designed for clinical personnel (MD, DO, NP, PA, RN), coders, billers, EHR professionals, facility and financial managers that work in RHCs, FQHCs and look-alikes to encourage building a shared foundation of knowledge.  We will provide action Items and how to “get results” by working together through hands-on practice.

Team-based training works best!  We sometimes have an Early Bird Special for the first couple weeks of a class that is Buy 2 Get 1 Free so you can bring your clinical colleagues for free!

earning the rural or community health coding and billing certification

Upon completing both sections of class authorized attendees will be able to take a 100 question online examination.  If a score of 70% is achieved, a certification of Rural Health Coding & Billing Specialist (RH-CBS) or Community Health Coding & Billing Specialist (RH-CBS or CH-CBS) will be provided by the Association for Rural Health Professional Coding.  Full attendance includes the live training sessions, a one year ArchProCoding membership, and the testing fee.


after you pass the optional exam

A certificate suitable for framing will be provided along with annual CEU renewal requirements and membership dues based upon the date of the class they attend.  If the test is not passed the first time a free re-test is available.  The test must be taken within 60 days of the last day of class or a fee of $75 will be charged.  To maintain the certification, CEU requirements must be met along with payment of membership dues payable one year after the date of the class attended.  

To maintain your RH-CBS or CH-CBS credential you must earn 14 CEUs each year with at 6 coming from ARHPC educational sessions (e.g. webinars, in-person class, eLearning, etc.).


cost= Prices vary depending on State

Some state rural health and/or primary care associations pay for the class for you!  If you have a contact at your state office -- have them contact us about this option.

Other certifications make you study procedures and services you will never perform (anesthesia, major surgeries, radiation oncology, interventional radiology, etc) -- we only focus on services that you perform in rural and community health and we charge almost $1000 less!

required class materials

Though you likely use encoder software and EHRs to assign codes -- they do not contain the coding guidelines from the AMA in the CPT, CMS documentation guidelines, nor the clinical documentation requirements from the ICD-10 Cooperating Parties that are in the actual manual.

  • 2019 – CPT (AMA’s Professional Edition recommended)
  • 2019 – HCPCS II Code Manual
  •  2019 – ICD-10-CM

What's new for 2019 - Student Workbook - Optional workbook with copy of slides and class exercises available for purchase at An electronic version will be available free of charge.

e/m chart auditing bootcamp and online options available

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