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Why Get Certified?




  1. Your clinical providers document 100% of what they do (E/M, procedures, services, etc.)
  2. You capture 100% of what you do with the proper CPT, HCPCS-II, and ICD-10-CM/-PCS codes?
  3. You are maximizing revenue to all payers (Medicare, Medicaid, and 3rd party) and can support everything you are paid for with proper and complete documentation?


Become a Rural or Community Health Coding and Billing Specialist! (RH-CBS or CH-CBS)

Demand for qualified medical coders and billers has never been higher—and it’s rising.  Rural Health Clinics (RHC) and Community Health Centers (also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers or FQHCs) have distinctly different rules related to clinical documentation, professional coding, and medical billing.

For you to be financially viable and to continue to grow your ability to treat patients in rural and urban areas - The Association for Rural & Community Health Professional Coding feels that clinics, hospital networks, group practices, and facility leadership need to:

  1. educate your clinical providers (MD, DO, PA, NP, CP, etc.) on the federal/state billing rules related to RHCs and FQHCs and on the limitations of IT/EHR to capture their valuable services in medical records.
  2. hire and retain trained professional coders to extract the proper CPT, HCPCS-II, and ICD-10-CM/-PCS codes from completed and compliant medical records documentation in order to fully capture all services that were provided and why they were provided so we can analyze quality measurement, billing, and regulatory reporting needs.
  3. ensure that you maximize allowable reimbursement via compliant billing that minimizes risk from audits while balancing the significant differences between state/federal/commercial insurance payer rules and  billing regulations.


We have the nation's only certifications for clinical documentation, coding, and billing

dedicated to those of you who serve America's Safety Net patients

in medically under served areas! 



With the top-rated training from the Association for Rural & Community Health Professional Coding instructors and adjunct faculty you have access to a network of clinical documentation, coding, and billing experts.  We can help give you the skills, confidence, and training expected by today’s employers.

With your investment in education, you will see greater long-term value out of your career and how you work together with others in your facility. We can help you build a career in healthcare and not just have a job.



clinical provider training ::

EHRs do not document and code for providers -- trained people do!

Technology is redefining the health field.  Workflows are changing the way we are used to doing business, sometimes with little or no planning - or often due to unexpected consequences of balancing numerous new IT and software implementations. Today’s clinical providers, professional coders, and medical billers must adapt to those changes.

We strongly encourage Team-based Training where we all learn shoulder-to-shoulder together instead of being trained separately and maybe believing different things from different sources.  Come learn together!

Because many rural and community health centers are far away from major cities, they don't get the same access education and training opportunities as those living in larger cities.  To support our members’ long-term success, we have built a learning platform that will grow and adapt to your coding education needs online 24/7/365 or even through in-person training that comes to where you live.



  • High demand for certified coders/billers with rural and community health specific knowledge
  • Increased salary potential with certification
  • Career growth - certifications make you more marketable


We provide the tools and information your rural and community healthcare facility needs to teach coding personnel and clinical providers how to handle the many coding challenges that cross their desk every day. Membership in ArchProCoding saves your facility time and money, and also helps your organization improve compliance with Medicare and HIPAA regulations increasing reimbursement.

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