Our Educational Approach


Our faculty and consultants have literally provided professional training services in all 50 states.  The Association for Rural & Community Health Professional Coding (ArchProCoding) specializes in visiting rural health clinics, federally qualified health centers, and critical access hospitals onsite for a significantly lower cost than you would expect.  We go where others fly over!

We know that your budgets and geography don’t always allow you to get the same level of support compared to those in larger cities and towns.  That’s why we supplement our onsite training with access to 24/7/365 rural health coding, documentation, and billing training with access to our eLearning Center.


Our association is unique in that we work with all levels of personnel in rural and community health to achieve personal career goals, facility and hospital network goals, and state and nationwide goals to improve the quality of care for those who need it most.  Team-based training is key so that clinical and business staff members develop and maintain a shared platform of knowledge!

We are proud to offer education to 4 core areas of healthcare professionals in rural and federally qualified health centers and critical access hospitals:

Nationally Recognized Certification for Medical Coders/Billers and Key Non-Clinical Staff

ArchProCoding develops training materials for all levels of coders, revenue managers, insurance/billing and key non-clinical staff. No matter what level you’re in your career, the eLearning Center provides a destination for all levels of certification, CEUs, self-check tests, and other educational content.  No matter whether you code or use the information from the medical records – education is key in this ever-changing field. 

We provide education that is customized for you and your facility rather than the intensive surgical and procedural training courses offered by other educational organizations which pertain more to larger hospitals that perform more complex services.   We encourage you to get as many certifications as you can but start with the one most specific to your needs in rural and community health centers and critical access hospitals.

Continuing Education for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other clinical staff:

Whether you are an MD, DO, NP, PA, CNM, CP, CSW, or RN, the documentation that you enter into a paper or electronic health record is the foundation for everything from revenue capture to tracking patient care. It is unlikely that you received the level of in-depth education and training necessary to comprehend the complexities and challenges to capturing what you do in via medical documentation and coding.  After all you treat patients, not codes.  

Understanding how your clinical documentation affects revenue, patient satisfaction, and public health is key to finding your fit at your facility.  Developing a fuller awareness of the unique regulatory rules our facilities must deal with can help you meet your employment obligations while maintaining your clinical flexibility.  There are significant issues and opportunities dealing with the inter-related processes that all depends on what you do, what you document, and how that information moves around your organization, to your patients, and to public health at large.

By receiving training from ArchProCoding, you will realize the benefit of making more informed decisions. You will be able to measure and track key performance indicators on individual, departmental, facility, and larger organizational levels. 

  • If you are partially or fully paid on your “production” – getting such education has a direct impact on your paycheck. 
  • If you are primarily paid a salary – your documentation and coding cooperation helps your facility stay in business and able to thrive – not just survive.

Maximizing value for facility leadership, medical directors, finance and compliance professionals:

Facility leaders and managers can better increase compliant revenue, manage workflows, improve physician relations and retention levels, meet federal and state compliance guidelines, manage limited IT budgets, and maximize the information that is put into and taken out of EHRs via coding and billing.  By learning more about the detailed world of professional coding and medical billing you will be able to better manage your people, your processes, and your supporting technologies.  How accurate do you think your annual cost report is in terms of being a true reflection of what services you provide? 

Obviously, billing and revenue are one in the same.  But the impact of not having full professional coding policies capture everything that is done (whether payable or not) means your cost report can undervalue your contribution to your patient community.  It is our goal to maximize the value these leaders provide to their stakeholders through better policy decisions and smarter revenue management.  This is often a challenge that can be solved through high-quality and high-level education on coding and billing. 

State & national associations for rural/community health and critical access hospitals:

ArchProCoding forms educational partnerships with dozens of state and national associations whose primary mission is to support facilities providing care in designated health professional shortage areas.  Such key local associations spend tremendous efforts to find educational organizations and consultants who truly know the details of our unique challenges is tricky - but the search is now over by finding ArchProCoding.  Consistent and accurate education delivery is a critical step in improving the care for underserved communities, especially those in remote areas with high staffing turnover.

Knowing the financial restraints of these rural clinics and hospitals and rural/urban community health centers we combine modern technology with affordable expert guidance using ArchProCoding’s blended learning solution will help you reach more people for less money.  We offer a customized nationwide and statewide education curriculum that helps you accomplish your missions. 

Ask us to provide references from state level Executive Directors and Senior Leadership at public and private facilities that have accessed our training and see how we are different and can deliver tangible results to your members.


Core staff needing training includes those who deal with: documenting their medical services, CPT codes, HCPCS-II codes, ICD-10-CM diagnosis and procedure codes, insurance denials, quality management, Health IT including EHRs, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), professional coding compliance, Evaluation & Management documentation training for the physicians, revenue cycle workflows, and quality management reporting.

We have educational content that is right for you based on your role in your rural or federally qualified health center or critical access hospital.


  • Professional Coding and Medical Billing
  • Quality Reporting and Care Management
  • Physician Documentation Compliance
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Evaluation and Management Documentation Compliance
    • Anyone that documents in a medical record
      • MD, DO, NP, PA, CNM, CP, CSW
      • Anyone who is involved with translating documentation into usable data for revenue or patient tracking
        • Coders, Billers, Quality Management, Utilization Review, and EHR Informatics Professionals
        • Anyone who is responsible for a health care organizations financial sustainability, physician retention
          • Managers, CIO, CFO, Medical Directors