About Us


The Association for Rural & Community Health Professional Coding (ArchProCoding) is an education and membership organization dedicated to providing quality education to rural and community health clinicians, facility management, and revenue cycle staff including the nation’s only coding and billing credentials specifically designed for those who serve America’s under-served patients at Rural Health Clinics (RHC),  Federally Qualified/Community Health Centers (FQHC), Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) and small rural hospitals.  Providing your staff an option to earn and maintain a recognized certification and credential designed to focus on the typical RHC/FQHC/CAH coding and billing needs should reduce turnover while giving them a better chance at a career in healthcare at your RHC, FQHC, and or hospital rather than just a job.

ArchProCoding formed as a business unit of Universal Medical & Compliance in January 2007 and quickly began educating healthcare professionals in all 50 states with a primary focus on capturing complete and timely medical records documentation, extracting data about what services are done (CPT/HCPCS-II codes) for billing and cost reporting and why they are done (ICD-10-CM codes), for maximizing allowable billing revenue to CMS, Medicaid, and commercial insurers and for quality reporting.  Our primary focus has always been to serve RHCs/FQHCs but was expanded in 2018 to include CAHs and small rural hospitals and is in line with our commitment to serve those who provide medical care in rural and federally-designated health professional shortage areas. 

Though we are based in metro-Atlanta, GA - ArchProCoding has senior staff and consultants all across the country who can provide live onsite and/or live virtual training to your clinical staff, management, and coders/billers that develop a shared platform of knowledge across your entire facility.  Team-based training is key to help to develop and/or update effective workflows that enable you to achieve your clinical and business goals.  Our Audit Support and Compliance staff annually performs thousands of medical records audits to support clinical staff’s awareness of how well they meet regulations and where improvements can be found using their actual medical records entries.


ArchProCoding goes far beyond traditional “coding-only” certifications from other associations that require your staff to learn about services that may never be performed at your facilities and literally don’t include anything about billing and revenue!  Earn any of the credentials below by attending a live Bootcamp designed to help you pass the online certification exam, or choose our pre-recorded self-study version that covers the same materials:

ArchProCoding’s certification training covers medical documentation creation, proper professional coding for cost reports and quality reporting, and how to bill for encounter rates (AIR), PPS, Method I and II, etc. to Medicare that differs significantly from traditional fee-for-service billing to commercial insurance.  Put simply…Learn More to Earn More!


ArchProCoding has formed many educational partnerships with over half of America’s state and national rural/community health and hospital associations including our friends at the National Rural Health Association where Arch Pro Coding is a Platinum Vendor, the National Association for Community Health Centers, the National Association for Rural Health Centers, and state associations in Georgia, Louisiana, Colorado, Illinois, South Carolina, Alaska, Wisconsin, Arizona, Oregon, Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Connecticut, Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, Alabama, and many more!  Our 3 primary instructors have a combined 70+ years of experience and have physically provided onsite support and training in all 50 states.