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CPT® 2023 Professional Edition is the definitive AMA-authored resource to help healthcare professionals correctly report and bill medical procedures and services. Healthcare professionals want accurate reimbursement. Payers want efficient claims processing. Correct reporting and billing of medical procedures and services begins with CPT® 2023 Professional Edition.

Only the AMA, with the help of physicians and other experts in the healthcare community, creates and maintains the CPT code set. No other codebook has the accurate, complete official guidelines for the latest and current procedural terminology for procedures and services to help you code medical services and procedures properly. The AMA also takes the copyright protection of its content very seriously and is committed to providing the most effective anti-piracy efforts for its authors and readers.

To help combat print piracy, protect our intellectual properties, and ensure our customers' right to authentic AMA-certified content, the CPT® 2023 Professional Edition is equipped with nonintrusive light-yellow dots on almost every page of the codebook. As a result of the implementation of this anti-piracy technology, this codebook cannot be reproduced by photocopy or scan in accordance with current copyright rules and laws.

The CPT® 2023 Professional Edition codebook covers hundreds of code, guideline and text changes and features:

  • CPT® ChangesCPT® Assistant, and Clinical Examples in Radiology citations — provides cross-referenced information in popular AMA resources that can enhance your understanding of the CPT code set
  • A comprehensive index — aid in locating codes related to a specific procedure, service, anatomic site, condition, synonym, eponym or abbreviation to allow for a clearer, quicker search
  • Anatomical and procedural illustrations — help improve coding accuracy and understanding of the anatomy and procedures discussed
  • Coding tips throughout each section — improve understanding of the nuances of the code set
  • Enhanced codebook table of contents — enable a quick search of the codebook’s content for quick access
  • Section-specific table of contents — provide a useful tool to navigate effectively and quickly through each section’s codes
  • Summary of additions, deletions and revisions — provide a summary and quick reference of the 2023 changes in the codes without having to compare editions
  • Multiple appendices — offer additional information for modifiers, clinical examples, add-on codes, vascular families re-sequenced codes, and MAAAs and PLA services
  • New Appendix Q — provide coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines and their associated administration codes
  • New Appendix R — provide digital medicine services taxonomy
  • Comprehensive E/M code selection tables — aid physicians and coders in assigning the most appropriate evaluation and management codes
  • Notes pages at the end of every code set section and subsection


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Empower accurate, complete procedure coding in the hospital setting with the 2023 ICD-10-PCS Expert, complete with all valid ICD-10 procedure codes and descriptions.

Unlike other codebooks, DecisionHealth’s 2023 ICD-10-PCS Expert enables coders to familiarize themselves with valid code construction via tables rather than code lists for ease of use. Quickly navigate the 16 sections and get up to speed on the PCS coding system with tables arranged by general procedure type, official guidelines for coding and reporting and all the knowledge required to assign the correct ICD-10-PCS codes. Get easy-to-understand coding information from experts that you can rely on for accurate and efficient procedural coding, as well as keeping you HIPAA compliant — order today!

Features include:

  • UPDATED! All ICD-10-PCS codes and full descriptions—all 70,000+ ICD-10-PCS codes and their official code descriptions, listed sequentially for easy lookup.
  • UPDATED! Official ICD-10-PCS Coding Guidelines—for assigning codes in the Medical, Surgical and Obstetrics sections
  • UPDATED! Tables for code selection—organized into 16 sections for easy reference, each containing detailed tables that specify valid combinations of code values
  • UPDATED! Instruction regarding ICD-10-PCS conventions—including the unique 7-character structure and its dependencies
  • UPDATED! Coverage icons—identify non-covered and limited coverage procedures
  • UPDATED! Alphabetical index—listing procedures by keyword
  • UPDATED! ICD-10-PCS coding scenarios—more than 100 procedure descriptions to test your use of the alphabetic index and code tables, with answers provided in the appendix


If your practice bills for Medicare services, durable medical equipment (DME), injections, drugs, and other medical supplies, you need to stay on top of HCPCS coding information. You’ll do that and prevent denials, audits and payment delays with the 2023 HCPCS Level II Expert.

With the newest 2023 edition, have everything you need to know about each HCPCS code including new changes, DMEPOS, PQRS and Pub 100 information and modifiers. Not to mention helpful advice, and code-specific details, such as icons and helpful reimbursement indicators, all at your fingertips for easy access within seconds. 

Features include:

  • NEW! Plain English definitions—for the most common HCPCS DME and drug codes to help you quickly identify these supplies to enhance coding and critical-thinking skills
  • UPDATED! New, revised and deleted HCPCS Level II Codes—with icons to identify changes
  • UPDATED! Expanded alphabetical index— organized with guidance and input from experienced coding and billing professionals
  • UPDATED! DMEPOS icons—identify Medicare allowed billing opportunities for durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies
  • UPDATED! Deleted codes crosswalks—display valid codes that have replaced temporary codes and other deletions
  • UPDATED! National Coverage Determination (NCD) policy code-level citations—ensure compliance with Medicare coverage policy for certain procedures and professional services
  • UPDATED! Medicare Pub 100 information—with associated code and an Appendix of full descriptions
  • UPDATED! Table of Drugs Appendix—with J codes cross-referenced to brand names
  • UPDATED! APC and ASC payment icons—show those codes payable under Outpatient Prospective Payment Systems (OPPS) and those that can use 18 ASC groupings
  • UPDATED! AHA Coding Clinic for HCPCS— identify where to find critical guidance on challenging HCPCS Level II codes or sections
  • UPDATED! Age and sex edit icons—indicate code restrictions at a glance, based on patient information
  • UPDATED! Icons for specific payment rules— indicate coverage rules and patient responsibility for drugs and services not reimbursed by Medicare
  • High-quality illustrations—provide visual insight into specific equipment, supplies and services