Continuing Education

2023 Webinars - 1-4 CEUs Approved for AAPC and/or ArchProCoding 

  1. New! 2023 Evaluation & Management (E/M) Updates and Changes (3 CEUs AAPC/ArchPro)
  2. New! 2023 Coding and Billing Behavioral and Mental Health Services Webinar (1 CEU AAPC/ArchPro)
  3. New! 2023 Compare and Contrast: Telehealth and Virtual Communication Services for RHC/FQHC Webinar (1 CEU AAPC/ArchPro)
  4. New! 2023 Reporting Preventive versus Problem-Oriented Services for RHC and FQHCs Webinar (1 CEU AAPC/ArchPro)
  5. New! 2023 HCC Risk Adjustment & SDOH Coding Webinar (1 CEU AAPC/ArchPro)
  6. Webinar: 2023 Hospital Professional Fee E&M Changes (2 CEUs AAPC/ArchPro)
  7. 2023 CPT Updates and Changes Webinar (1 CEU AAPC/ArchPro) Free for members!
  8. 2023 ICD-10 Updates and Changes Webinar (2 CEUs AAPC/ArchPro) Free for members!
  9. Clinical Provider Training – Overview of Documentation, Coding, and Billing for Rural/Community Health (4 CME & CEUs AAPC/ArchPro)
  10. 2023 Reporting Quality and Care Management for Rural/Community Health (4 CEUs AAPC/ArchPro)
  11. 2023 ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines: A Hands-on Review (1.5 CEUs AAPC/ArchPro)
  12. Injections and Infusions (1 CEU AAPC/ArchPro/MMI)
  13. Top 10 Documentation and Revenue Tips in Rural/Community Health (1.5 CEUs AAPC/ArchPro)
  14. SUD/OUD/MAT Overview (1.5 CEUs AAPC/ArchPro
  15. What Makes RHCs/FQHCs Different? (1.5 CEUs ArchPro)
  16. 2023 Key CMS Websites to Monitor for Research and Periodic Updates Webinar (1 CEU ArchProCoding)
  17. Provider Enrollment Webinar (1 CEU ArchPro)

ArchProCoding is your online learning resource for professional health education for medical facilities in rural and urban health professional shortage areas, such as Rural Health Clinics, Community Health Centers, & Critical Access Hospitals.  Our eLearning and Testing Center provides you with 24/7/365 access to nationally recognized Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Continuing Medical Education (CME).  Some classes even offer AAPC-approved CEUs.